Computer & Software

Airline Reservation Software

Sales and reservation hub at InterGlobe Technologies (IGT) provides best in class online booking airline solutions. more »

By Interglobe Technologi (1193 days ago)

Travel Software Company

Combining travel technology with domain expertise, IGT is a leading travel management software company. IGT optimizes... more »

By Interglobe Technologi (1157 days ago)

Application Development Services

The vast experience of working with travel technologies has helped IGT offer the best application development... more »

By Interglobe Technologi (1185 days ago)

Apps Development Services in Delhi NCR

They have mastered the technique of handling mobile applications of dissimilar commerce like iPhone, Android, and... more »

Tpf Operating System Companies

As an online travel technology expert, InterGlobe Technologies(IGT) has rich experience in migrating IT travel... more »

By Interglobe Technologi (1182 days ago)

IGT Testing Services for Travel Industry like SOA, Mobility

IGT renders application testing services on complex travel IT systems. The company does functional testing, SOA... more »

By Interglobe Technologi (1178 days ago)

How Mobility can add to the bottom line for Travel

The entire travel experience is a sales point - Personalization.Socialization.Mobilization. So how do all these... more »

The Emergence of Software Babus

However, the focus always seems to be more on adhering to the PROCESS that on driving INNOVATION or thinking... more »

By Interglobe Technologi (1052 days ago)

The Changing Role of the CEO

While waiting at the airport lounge, I saw many such tech-savvy users SELF-SERVE varied aspects of their travel... more »

Responsive Web Design: Considerations for Performance Optimization

There are multiple techniques to manage the performance of “above-the-fold” content. The user experience depends on... more »

The WeChat M-commerce – Travel Opportunity or flight of fancy?

As devices and mobile apps continue to rise, there is one thing we cannot ignore – the connected consumers and their... more »

By Interglobe Technologi (1120 days ago)

Baggage Claim Processing

IGT offers baggage helpdesk services to handle customer inquiries regarding mishandled baggage, assisting in its back... more »

By Interglobe Technologi (1051 days ago)

Automation: The panacea to Agile testing challenges?

Frequently changing requirements resulting in the re-factoring of code is also a perennial issue with Agile. more »

By Interglobe Technologi (1149 days ago)

Business Processes to Business Value

Today, technologies such as cloud computing, business analytics software, social media platforms and process... more »

By Interglobe Technologi (1043 days ago)

Versatile Applications of PHP in Website Design

Thus keeping in view the fact that the website is the first and best impression of an individual or an establishment,... more »

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