Irregular Operations Support

Bringing off world class travel technologies solutions, IGT supports irregular flight operations and manages flight... more »

By Interglobe Technologi (1359 days ago)

Reshaping Airline's Baggage Management With Digitization

Airlines are investing in defining innovative baggage solutions from self-service solution to automated baggage... more »

BPO Services for Hospitality

Keeping guest’s satisfaction as a priority, IGT advances best in class hospitality IT services. IGT helps hotels and... more »

By Interglobe Technologi (1295 days ago)

Is the Personalized Engagement With Your Valued Customer Personal Enough?

But in today’s world, the term “loyalty program” seems to be ubiquitous with most of the airlines and hotels owning a... more »

By Interglobe Technologi (1291 days ago)

Indoor Positioning Systems

Thus, all mobile location-based apps, like navigation, are unable to work inside airports, malls, subways, etc. more »

By Interglobe Technologi (1268 days ago)

Mobile Application Development

Smart phone market is progressing leaps and bounds. The rise in demand for Smart handsets has also led to a... more »

By Davy Green (1569 days ago)

Building A Mobile App: Let Us Explore Some Outstanding Platforms

Are you considering creating a unique app for your enterprise that is both efficient and profitable? At the same... more »

Mobile Application Services for Hotels

IGT is a leading mobile application development services company, offering cutting-edge mobile apps and technology... more »

By Interglobe Technologi (1396 days ago)

When do you Exactly Need a Hybrid Mobile App?

Sterco Apps is one of the innovation-leading ios App Development Companies in India that has unrivalled reputation... more »

Mobile App Companies in Delhi

Sterco Digitex is one of the leading mobile app companies in Delhi that specializes in Android and iOS mobile... more »

Ecommerce Development Company in Delhi NCR

Sterco Digitex is one of the top rated ecommerce web designing companies in Delhi NCR having more than 2 decades of... more »

Mobile Application Development - Brandyourself

Mobile applications have become the integral part of our life. Today, there are apps for everything you want –... more »

Ways By Which You Can Avoid Failure In Your Mobile App Development Process

These days it is a common thing to find our lives occupied with smart phones and tabs. Therefore, it may not come as... more »

By Davy Green (1569 days ago)

Global Distribution System Companies

Associated with Global distributions companies (GDs), IGT excels in effectively testing and managing airline... more »

By Interglobe Technologi (1473 days ago)

Passenger service system

The passenger loyalty management program offered by IGT helps companies such as hotels, airlines, cruises, etc. to... more »

By Interglobe Technologi (1383 days ago)

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